Converting AHS Budget Stout to Chocolate Stout


I’ve been really excited to make a chocolate stout, with inspiration directly coming from a seasonal brew called Moo Hoo made by the Terrapin Beer Co in Athens, GA. I’m also a huge fan of Austin Homebrew Supply’s budget brewing kits. My goal was to take the budget stout kit and turn it into Moo Hoo clone.

Here is the recipe I worked with:

.25 lb Black Patent Malt

.25 lb Chocolate Malt

1.5 lb Pale Ale Malt

.5 lb Crystal 40L Malt

.25 lb Black Roasted Barley

5 lb Dark Extract

1oz Galena Hops

1 lb Lactose Sugar

4 oz Cocoa Powder


Bring 2 gallons of water to 160(F) and turn off the heat. While maintaining at least 155(F) water temperature, soak the base and specialty grains for 45 minutes.

After soaking the grains, dunk the grain bag in and out of the water and then completely lift the grain bag out. Place a strainer over the stockpot and then put the bag into the strainer. Pour 170(F) evenly over the grain bag using approx. 1 quart of water per 2 lb. of grain.

Allow the bag to drip, without squeezing, until nearly all of the water has dripped out, then discard the grains and return to heat until boiling.

Once the water has reached boiling again, turn off the heat and move the stockpot to a cool burner.

Add the malt extract, stirring constantly to dissolve the malt extract. Once the malt extract has dissolved return it to the heat, stirring occasionally. Heat the mixture to boiling, and set a timer for 60 minutes. Add the hops at this time

With 15 minutes left, add the lactose sugar. With 10 minutes left, add the cocoa powder.

I’m going to add some bourbon soaked cacao nibs to the secondary once fermentation stops. I’ll keep you all updated on how this turns out.

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